Observation and Analysis of a Cultural Scene – Clifford Geertz once said: “Cultural analysis is intrinsically incomplete

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Classroom Teacher Observation Report – A. Evaluation Form or Observation Protocol The evaluation form that was used to evaluate a classroom teacher’s spectacle is a rubric used by the school district (Hillsborough County Public Schools, 2012). A1. Spectacle Factors The teacher was rated using a rubric with specific criteria in four domains including planning and prep, the classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities (Hillsborough County Public Schools, 2012). Within each of these domains are components which are the spectacle factors that are relevant to classroom teachers. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]
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Child Development Observation Report – Compare and contrast a child from junior age group with a child from an older age group. For the junior age group, I observed a 6-month-old, boy infant, called Manden, in my friend’s home. 1. Adult/Teacher Interaction: In an adult interaction, the child I observed were more engaged with the people around him by infant-directed speech. His mom and I were basically called his name by rhythm, and he responded to us by smiling and being excited. As I observe in terms of turn-taking, I realize Manden responded to the people around him after everyone is done talking to him. [tags: Child Observation Report]
. 7 Works Cited

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Child Development: Toddlers Observation – This observation was mostly conducted behind a one way glass. I observed the children but they did not know I was there. The ages of the children served in that program were in the range of 18-36 months. Curriculum used in that program is considered Creative. Qualifications for staff must hold to work in this program is a Child Development Associate’s degree (CDA) or Bachelors in Early Childhood Education. The kind of family involvement this program offers includes training, car seat safety, health dept. [tags: Toddler Observation Essay]

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Middle School Nurse Observation – During many years the role of school nurse was traditionally viewed as one where the nurse cared for students that were injured, applied bandages and gave out ice bags. Across the years the role of the school nurse has evolved into one of leadership and management along with many other duties including traditional roles as mentioned above. The services provided by a school nurse range from assessment and screening to coordinating care for regular students as well as students with special needs. [tags: Nursing Observation Report]
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Classroom Teacher Observation Report – I was unprepared, unknowing, and nosey about what South County middle school would suggest me for my observation. South County is established in a well developed neighborhood with most of the houses costing $329,232 or more. The middle school has over 1,100 students with different ethnic backgrounds including: 59% Caucasian, 29% Hispanic, 6% African American, 4% unknown ethnicity, and 2% Asian (publicschoolreview.com, 2013). As I walked into the middle school the Leander ISD vision is posted on the walls stating, “Every student is encouraged, supported, and challenged to achieve the highest levels of skill, abilities, and character.” South County attempts to uphold this vision by ensuri. [tags: Classroom Observation Essay]
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Child Observation Report – Observation is significant as the practitioner can find out what the child is interested in and what motivates them to learn alongside their progress and how they behave in certain situations, additionally at the same time it identifies if children need assistance within certain areas of learning or socially (DCSF, 2008). Furthermore the observations check that the child is safe, contented, healthy and developing normally within the classroom or early years setting, over time the observations can be given to parents as they demonstrate a record of progress which helps to lodge the parent and feel more convenient about their child’s education. [tags: Child Development Observation]

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Naturalistic Observation Report – Naturalistic observation is a way of observing applicants in their own natural environment without the contestants realizing the observers are present. My observation took me to different places and settings to finish my assignment where I observed the subjects’ reactions and further relate it with concepts of psychology. This assignment is going to look into the observation at different settings by watching people as they go about their normal activities in their own habitats, and will shortly describe the concepts of superego, egocentrism, operant conditioning, pretend play, and lack of conservation. [tags: Childhood Observation Essays]
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Child Observation Report – The pre-school is in a petite predominately-white rural village with a high ratio of staff. We use a key person system working within the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS), promoting the five outcomes of Every Child Matters. We use learning through play, risk taking (physically, emotionally and intellectually), creative thinking and listening to children to create a “whole child” philosophy. In partnership with parents who continually inform staff of their child’s welfare, disposition, activities and any concerns. [tags: Child Development Observation]

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Classroom Observation Report – Classroom Observation On two different days, several observations took place in two different types of environment. I observed a teacher and her students of a 2nd grade elementary school and a teacher and her students aged Legitimate months to two years old in a daycare environment. I observed the environment and interaction of the teacher and his or her students. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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Classroom Observation Report – Classroom Observation After fifteen hours of classroom observation, I look forward to being a teacher even more than at the beginning of this semester. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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Child Development Observation – I. Settings of observation Observer visited a play place of a restaurant in Fresh Jersey, Hackensack. Why I have chosen the place is effortless to observe every part of child development such as cognitive, social emotional, language as well as physical at the same time. Observer performed the observation on April 28 from 1 pm to 3pm. The child was an Asian boy. He has strait brief black hair with dark brown eyes and lean black eye eyebrows. His height looked around 37 inches that he may be a little smaller than other early childhood children. [tags: Observation, Cognitive Development]
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Classroom Observation Report – Classroom Observation When I arrived at Casey Elementary School I was sure that kindergarten was the grade I dreamed to instruct. After my observation was done I knew that a higher grade was more suitable for me. Working with such youthful kids at a close proximity had given me a better perspective of what grade and age I would be most beneficial and more comfy instructing. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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Al-Anon Observation Paper – Alcoholism is as prevalent in my family, as blood is in our veins. When previously asked to observe 12-step groups, I ritualistically flocked to Alcoholics Anonymous, without consideration of the possibility that other groups had any potential to make an influence on me. I always pride myself in my capability to identify as an individual that is not ensnared in alcoholism, but unluckily am an individual that was very tormented by alcoholism. Through observation of the group and how it processed, as well as identifying how I felt as a fresh attendee, I was able to understand why self-help, support groups are so vital for individuals in recovery. [tags: Twelve-Step Meeting Observation Paper]
. 9 Works Cited

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The Pros and Cons of Participant Observation – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Participant Observation as a Research Method This essay will examine how participant observation is used as a research method. In the main assets of this essay, this idea will be addressed by pointing out advantages and disadvantages of participant observation. I will give examples to support my argument. Participant observation is the main research method favoured by interpetitivists. It involves the researcher participating in a social group to observe and practice the world as a participant while still observing the group for future analasys of their behaviour from the researchers point of view. [tags: Participant Observation]

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Teacher Observation in El Sausal Middle School, Monterey County -. The walls were still white other than it had posters from the student’s group projects and colorful banners informing students to strive for success. Their desks were placed in horizontal rows making it lighter for them to interact with each other. When you walked into this classroom, you distinguish right away that it was a place for self-discovery and becoming a diligent learner. While observing, I witnessed many interactions inbetween the students and the teacher. The teacher had jokes for the students. [tags: Observation, Training]
. 1 Works Cited

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Observation Essay – The Clown – Observation Essay – The Clown He’s a youthfull man, the clown, with white socks striped in black, and black suspenders over a white T-shirt. White face, crimson nose. His MO is to go after people and imitate their motility without their noticing, to the glee of the sizeable, ever-changing audience. We’re sitting here on the steps of the Museum, hot and sweaty, watching the demonstrate. The clown can go after anyone: a slinky woman wearing pink ruffles, a kid with a mountain bike, a muscle-shirted dude talking Spanish on a cell phone, an old man walking his schnauzer, a big gray pigeon bobbing this way and that in search of food, and then taking flight. [tags: Observation Essays]

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Participant Observation: Understanding Society – Assess the usefulness of participant observation in sociological research. In this brief essay I will give a skilled weighed argument of the usefulness and non-usefulness of a participant observation. I will back up the points made during this lump with sociologists I have studied. After, which I will then reach a conclusion where I will justify the argument in depth. Observation means watching behaviour in real-life settings. A covert participant observation is when the subject(s) you’re studying doesn’t know that you’re actually studying them. [tags: Participant Observation]

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Participant Observation: Understanding Society – Participant Observation as the Most Effective Method of Understanding Society All case studies require either overt or covert observation to collect the information necessary to finish the explore. Both covert and overt have their advantages and disadvantages; they both add different but similar ideas and theories to a probe. These two methods have been used in a multitude of case studies but the ones that I am going to concentrate on are James Patrick’s explore of Glasgow gang’s, Laud Humphreys examine of the tea room trade in America and Ann Oakley’s explore of very first time pregnancy with women in the UK. [tags: Participant Observation]

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Observation of a Hallway – The building labeled B shows up to be the main building for courses at Local Community College. Students walk in and out of the building all day and stop only to inject a classroom or buy food from the vending machines which pack one corner of the building’s long hallway. Often, students sit on the chairs that line the walls while waiting for a class to embark, but for now the hallway is almost empty and waiting for the ambush of students. Outside the classroom, a number plaque reading one-hundred and seventy is sitting on the wall framed in blue. [tags: Observation Essays]

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The Usefulness of Participant Observation as a Sociological Method – The Usefulness of Participant Observation as a Sociological Method Unlike other research methods participant observation permits the sociologist to look at people in their natural environment. It is often referred to as a naturalistic treatment. The research does not artificially interfere with people’s lives and they are free to act as normal. This permits the researcher to build up an insight which surveys cannot produce. This is illustrated by a well-known quote: “As I sat and listened, I learned the answers to questions I would not have the sense to ask if I had been getting my information solely on an interview basis.” By W.F. [tags: Participant Observation]

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Universal Studios and Islands of Venture Observation Report- Observational Investigate on the Length of Time to Purchase Tickets at the Two Parks – 1. Introduction At the combined parks of Universal Studios (US) and Islands of Venture (IoA) patrons have been complaining that it takes too long to both purchase park tickets and then get through the entrance lines. According to managers of the park patrons have been providing conflicting data as to which is actually having a problem. Some say that US is slower than IoA where others disagree and claim IoA is indeed the slower of the parks. To get to the truth behind the issue we conducted an observational usability examine where we spent a minimum of 30 minutes at each park’s ticket purchase and entrance lines measuring the time interactions relative to time. [tags: observation research]

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Observation Essay – The Barbershop – Observation Essay – The Barbershop Instantaneously I recognized that things were different, as I struggled to find a parking spot in the little lot hidden just off of the highway. The barbershop is located in an area too petite to be considered a disrobe mall-and evidently too petite to treat all of its customers’ vehicles. It is the third in a row of three shops, albeit the very first, a former ice juices/water ice business, was for rent. I knew that all of the drivers of the automobiles in the lot were in the barbershop, as the repair shop next to it does not open until 9 A.M. [tags: Observation Essay, Descriptive Essay]

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Third Grade Classroom Observation and Analysis – Classroom Environment A general population third grade class was observed to further understand the psychological aspect of training. The Title I school classroom observed has sixteen students, eight damsels and eight boys, and is almost entirely made up of students from a low socioeconomic status (SES). The desks are arranged with one big horseshoe and two rows of desks inwards the horseshoe form. The teacher has made adjustments to seating assignments and layout due to student behavior and feedback. [tags: Classroom Observation Essay]
. Five Works Cited

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Classroom Observation Reflective Essay – “The significant thing is not so much that every child should be instructed, as every child should be instilled with the wish to learn.” – John Lubbock As I reflect on my practices observing in three different classrooms over the last three months, I cannot express how much I have learned by being in the classroom. I began the Master of Science in Education last fall and previous to the practicum practice I had taken 8 classes. I read books, listened to the practices of my classmates and instructors, reflected on my own education, and attempted to imagine how this information was going to prepare me to face a classroom of elementary school students. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]
. 25 Works Cited

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Classroom Observation Report – Exploration, into the workings of a classroom, always provides a unique practice. Each teacher does her class a little different. There are so many different standards that must be reached and so many different opinions on the best way to meet the requirements. Experiencing the differences in each class helps me to develop my opinion and ideas on what I want to see in my classroom and how I want to treat my students. I work at United Methodist Church’s child development center/ preschool. I did my observations there. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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Naturalisitic Observation – Naturalistic observation takes place as scientists perform observations in a naturally occurring situation, without becoming actively involved. In performing naturalistic observations, a scientist does not make an effort to manipulate or switch what is occurring. The purpose of this kind of experimentation is to create a detailed record of the events that happen and of perceptible associations inbetween events, without having any control on the results. Evidently the objective in performing naturalistic observation is to arrange the data collection so that what is going on is comprehensible to the observer, but is not so significant or conspicuous that they become the concentrate of attention or mat. [tags: Naturalisitic Observation]

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Student Observation Report – Confidential The names in this Observation Report have been switched to protect the privacy of the parents and the child. Student’s Name. Calvin Lovemaking. Masculine Place of Observation. Inwards the classroom of County Preschool. Time of Observation. In the morning, Ten.30 a.m. and it was a sunny day. General View. • The classroom was pretty well organized ( clean, neat and many facilities inwards such as books, games, a computer and so on ) • It was a pretty large group in the class, 13 children were there and the teacher was present as well. [tags: Direct Observation Report 2014]

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Child Observation Report – Child Observation Subjects: Boy-3 years old, Girl-4 years old, Mother. Hypothesis: My hypothesis was to determine the effects of maternal presence versus absence on sibling behavior. Setting: This observation took place in the children’s home. As a playroom they used the living room because that is where all their fucktoys are. For my observation I used both the siblings and their mother. During the observation I was present including the children and their mother. I am not related to those children. [tags: Child Development Observation]
. Three Works Cited

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Child Observation Report – Introduction The location of the observation was at the Community Center (Early Childhood education program) at 11:00am to 12:30pm on April 15, 2014. The meaningful practices in early childhood education can positively form children’s development. With a teacher is guidance authentic child-art activity can educate enrich youthful students’ learning abilities, encourage positive attitudes toward other children, and more importantly, learn to interact with people around them in the contemporary world. [tags: Child Development Observation]
. Trio Works Cited

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Adolescent Observation Report – Confidential Material The names used in this Adolescent Observation Report are fictitious. This is absolutely necessary to protect the privacy of the adolescent being observed. Person observed: Mary Age: Legitimate Gender: Female General description: about 5’2”, black hair, brown eyes, about 100 lbs. Place of observation: at my work, World of Tile Company Others present: Other co-workers Cultural group: Chinese Physical Development Mary has reached her bod height at 5’2”. Albeit, when she was junior she had to take growth hormones because she was not growing when the rest of her peers were. [tags: Adolescence Development Observation]

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Classroom Observation Report – Classroom Observation On Monday February 24, 2014 I visited Mrs. Randus’ third and fourth grade split class at Kline Elementary. Her classroom consisted of a combination of third and fourth grade students who were tested and labeled as gifted in various subject matters. Mrs. Randus was responsible for instructing the children language and reading abilities. The class consisted of an equal number of boys and ladies, along with a broad diversity of cultures. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]
. Two Works Cited

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Classroom Observation Report – I. Introduction In this document, I will describe a teacher and her students in an observation I did in a false beginner English as 2nd Language (ESL) class at the University of Texas. The purpose of this report is to reflect on the teacher’s instructing strategies and class environment in relation with what I have learned in my Instructing Methods class. Across this paper, a multiplicity of students’ and teacher’s behavior will be discussed that will be analyzed in the reflection section. II. [tags: Teacher Observation 2014]
. Three Works Cited

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Classroom Observation Report – Classroom Observation Mrs. Laners’ instructs very first grade at Smallville Elementary School in Smallville, Ohio. Her class is made up of nineteen students, eight of which have been diagnosed with ADHD. In addition to ADHD one student has also been diagnosed as oppositionally provoking, meaning he does the opposite of what is being said to him. He is the only student to have his own desk; all other students have assigned seats along three long tables on one side of the classroom. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]

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Classroom Observation Report – Observation, Practicum & Reflection in Field Practice OBSERVATION I observed Ms. Sandon’s and Ms. Niliam’s, “Regular ED 1st grade” students with exceptionalities. This “sect” is made up of 6 (eight) 1st graders who are diagnosed with attention deficit disorders and other exceptionalities some are emotionally disturbed due to drug manhandling mothers. A few of the students are misdiagnosed or have extra unspecified special needs. As an alternative to the Stanford Ten they were ordered to test with Ms. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]
. 8 Works Cited

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Classroom Observation Report – Classroom Observation I use to believe that being a teacher was going to be eight hours of instructing and being with children. Being a teacher seemed to be the easiest career choice out there for me. After viewing the students of all ages and levels, I have switched my opinion of instructing. There is an unknown side to the world that can only be seen when inwards a classroom. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]

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Classroom Observation Report – The school that I visited was fresh. It was the very first year of the school opening. The school board had combined two schools into one, so the students had to adjust to their fresh environments and fresh individuals. They seemed to be getting along well with each other. Since the school is fresh the teacher has to adjust to fresh problems that araise. Times for the subjects and times for using the computer labs switch. So the teacher must always be fixable for anything. In this observation of this classroom I learned about the enjoyment of training. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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Classroom Observation Report – Classroom Observation Memphis Intermediate School is located in the city of Memphis, TN. It is comprised of grades 3-5 with a total enrollment of 464 students and a student/teacher ratio of 20. Memphis has been in operation for only seven years and is a public school. The ethnicity of the student figure is largely White at 86%, followed by Hispanic 6%, Multi-racial 2%, Asian 2%, Native American 2%, and Black 1%, “not provided” and Pacific Islander are both less than 1%. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]

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Classroom Observation Report – When thinking about the nature of students, I think about how the students behave. I believe that the behavior of students as a group reflects eclecticism meaning that every child behaves differently albeit every behavior can be integrated. While doing my observation in a 2nd grade classroom, I have met students that are enormously social and active as well as students who are rather quiet and reserved. Usually when an utterly social child is seated with a quiet child, the quiet child will not say much so the utterly social child will not have anyone to talk to. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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Classroom Observation Report – Before I observed this particular class, I looked up information about the English Language Program (ELP) on-line. This program is designed for people who wish to expand their English for communication, examine, business, pleasure, etc. This program offers four core courses. The core course that I observed was an Intermediate Reading and Discussion group which meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-3:15. Before the class observation: I met the instructor before class to discuss overall goals as well as goals for that day’s lesson. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]
. Five Works Cited

Classroom Observation Report – Health Lesson and Observation Mrs. Tuttle is presently incorporating Health into the curriculum. The 2nd half of the year is when the children learn their Health lessons. More often than not, it takes the place of Science. This is just the beginning of basic Health, nothing too intensive. The lesson I am going to train, was my own idea. It will incorporate Health and Physical Education Activity, and will take place in the gym. When I told Mrs. Tuttle about it, she thought it was absolutely the cutest idea. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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Classroom Observation Report – These observations were made in three collegiate ESL courses during the semester, a Writing Class, a Grammar Class and a Reading/Discussion Class. Writing Class This class was mainly teacher-centered. The teacher explained the agenda, reviewed a feedback survey, and then led the next activity which lasted about 1 hour. Even however she elicited student participation, she facilitated the discussions. As the class discussed each student’s essay map on the overhead, she asked students to critique the quality. Sometimes she scaffolded the critiques to bring awareness to the main grammatical problems. The Attention Theories, including Krashen’s Monitor theory and Bialystock’s explicit kno. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]
. 1 Works Cited

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Classroom Observation Report – Field Observation Reflection Paper The best way for someone to determine if they indeed would like to go into a certain field is to observe and talk to others who are already in the discipline. This is especially significant for prospective teachers because albeit you do not realize it as a student, instructing is a very taxing job that requires patience and determination. With a diverse classroom of students who have various levels of skill on the subjects being instructed and how they capture those subjects a teacher must be able to meet the needs of these pupils. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]

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Child Observation Report – Child development is an amazing thing to see in the way that children interact with one another and how they perceive the world that surrounds. While doing our research of child development we began to observe a group of kids ranging the ages 1 – 12. During these observations we noticed traits such as attachment, convenience, and love. Through the following examples we will proceed to observe development in our environment and explain its relativity to the text Observation #1 I observed a set of dizygotic or fraternal twins, Antonio and James, that had walked in, which were both masculines. [tags: Child Development Observation]

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Participant Observation Report – The class attended for my Participant Observation Assignment was a yoga class at the Recreation Center at State University. Such a class is for one session and is forty-five minutes in length. During this class, we covered beginning yoga moves at a slow tempo so everyone felt comfy. The nature of the class consisted of elementary yoga moves, serine atmosphere, and calming music. Learning theories that were address, applied, and by the instructor dreamed us to use were Skinner’s Operant Conditioning, Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory, and Observational Learning. [tags: Participant Observation 2014]
. Two Works Cited

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Classroom Observation Report – Classroom Observation INTRODUCTION I attended a 2nd grade class at Smallville Elementary on February 22, 2014; the class began promptly at 0855. There are 26 children in this 2nd grade class. There are 15 masculine students and 11 female students. The student diversity is Two Hispanics, 1 African-American, 1 East Indian, and 1 Fresh Zealander (White but with an extreme accent). [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]
. 1 Works Cited

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Classroom Observation Report – Classroom Observation I officially began my career as a student teacher in Spanish on August 25, 2014 at Memorial High School in Smallville, Ohio. I work under the guidance of Mrs. Santer, my mentor teacher, who has been introducing WMHS students to the wonderful world of languages for over 30 years. This year Mrs. Santer is instructing various levels of Spanish (Advanced Placement, IV, III, and I) as well as French I. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]

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Classroom Observation Report – Collaboration Observation “Collaboration and Cross-Age Peer Tutoring for Lucy” Collaboration provides many potential benefits and few drawbacks for parties involved in the Lucy’s education. Mr. Allen’s very first grade class achieve educational goals as well. Mr. Allen and Ms. Harris have joined coerces to form an educational environment that facilitates learning for both the very first grade class and Lucy. The objective is to provide a win-win situation for everyone involved. The evident benefits are areas of academic enhancement. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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Classroom Observation Report – Classroom Observation Maria and I were going to observe a kindergarten classroom social studies class that combined their lesson with a very first grade class. We were scheduled to arrive at Two PM. When I arrived at 1:50 PM, Maria was waiting outside the school and informed me that she had already gone in and was told that there was going to be a fire drill in just a few minutes. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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Observation of a Carusi Middle School Class – This semester I was fortunate enough to observe and participate at a high energy and collaborative school that strongly utilized some literacy and learning community strategies. The school that I visited over the past few weeks is Carusi Middle School, located in Cherry Hill. During my visits I was teamed with an exceptional eighth grade teacher, Ms. Bradshaw. She not only showcased me her language arts classes, but also sent me to other grade levels and classes so that I could practice all types of learning environments. [tags: class observation, teacher observation, instructing]

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Childhood Development Observation and Analysis – Children are complicated, and the way a child develops differs from individual to individual. The explore of children is a field that researchers, scientists, theorists and educators have been exploring for decades. CHYS 1F90 studies the foundations of childhood development and permits the students to look at the way children develop through numerous lenses. Many conclusions have been drawn, observing how, when and why children develop the way they do. Jerry and Samantha are both grade one students who are unrelated. [tags: Child Observation Essay]
. Five Works Cited

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Child Observation: Trio 1/Two Year Old PreSchooler – For 12 weeks I observed a youthfull pre-schooler Child C aged 31/Two years old, through my account I would give an observer’s view of Child C, three theories peculiar to Child C and my the emotions evoked in me as an observer. My observation assisted in my understanding of the switches in Child C as the week progressed over the 12 weeks. My very first few visits at the nursery Child C appeared boisterous and obnoxious. This led me to assume Child C was the class hellion, I collective my finding with the class and the views were ambivalent and divided. [tags: observations, preschoolers,]
. Three Works Cited

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Observation of a Special Education (Special Ed) Program – Observation of a Special Education (Special Ed) Program For my visitation I went to the public high school in my hometown. Due to time constraints I was not able to visit the school on a weekday when classes were in session. I did however get to witness another part of the special education/inclusion program called the Rooster Pals. I did, however, get some information on the special education program from an administrator via phone and fax. The special education program at Smallville High School (SHS) is only seven years old. [tags: Classroom Observation Report]

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Kindergarten Classroom Observation Report – In electing to observe a kindergarten class, I was hoping to see ‘real world’ examples of the social development, personality types and cognitive variation found within the beginning stages of “Middle Childhood” as discussed within our text. On April 1, 2010, I was welcomed into Mrs. Smith’s all day kindergarten class at the O’Dea Core Skill Elementary School in Fort Collins Colorado to observe and note the classroom conditions, interactions of the children among themselves, the teachers or other authority figures and the manner in which learning takes place. [tags: Elementary Education Teacher Observation]

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Early Childhood Education Observation – While walking through the front gates of County elementary school, you see children of all ages playing while they wait for the school bell to ring. Walking to the classroom that I will be observing you see students with their parent’s line up waiting to get signed in. The students are to be signed in by a parent or guardian for safety precautions, and shows that the child was signed into school. As a visitor, I am to sign myself in, this shows I was in the classroom, at what time was I there, and reason for visiting the classroom. [tags: Classroom Observation Essay]
. Trio Works Cited

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Child Observation: Heath – This student observed a 5-year-old boy (Heath) that participated in a pony display with other kids and adults in Fountain, Colorado. The members of this club meet and challenge in pony events during the summer months. The pony demonstrate has participants of different age and different skill levels. The very first stage (Lead Line) has beginner level participants from any age group. Heath’s group (Pea Wee’s) is the next level up from the Lead Line group and consists of ages 6 and under. The next level is for more advanced children inbetween 7 and Ten. [tags: Child Observation ]
. 1 Works Cited

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Child Observation Report – Recently, I went to The Blessed School, a preschool in my hometown of Smallville, California, to pass the morning with the students there. In the time I spent there, the children, ages Trio to Five, engaged in unstructured play, and sat in a circle for calendar time and reading aloud. The preschool is primarily child-centered in terms of its organization, meaning it incorporates a lot of child directed activity, and less structured, or adult directed, learning (Berk, 2008). I observed the group of about twenty children with the intention of studying them as a entire, but I found myself compelled to observe two children in particular, Addison and Jack, because they displayed particularly intriguing behav. [tags: Preschool Observation]
. Two Works Cited

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Observation of Chicago Lobbies – Walking the various spaces for this assignment led me to be struck by the various ways space is used to create an impression, even an emotional response. Of the locations visited, the Thompson Center and Palmer House-Hilton seemed to use this to the most effect. I also had a strong reaction to the interior of the Chicago Cultural Center and discuss that here as well. The atrium of the Thompson Center is an exceptional, imposing space. The skeletal framing of the building is visible via, creating awareness of the structure itself. [tags: Observation Essay, Descriptive Essay]

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Labor and Delivery Unit Observation Report – The labor and delivery unit is an amazing place packed with pleasant, friendly, and knowledgeable staff members that help bring miracles into this world. The client population on the unit consisted of patients ranging in age. The patients were 16, 17, 21, and 35 years old. The staff members on the unit worked consistently well with each other. They were nonjudgmental about all client situations. There were women at all different stages of life in the unit. They were all culturally diverse some had a very large open close knit family where others had a puny private family present. [tags: Nurse Observation Practice]
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Classroom Observation Report – Two days ago Mrs. Rice’s class was outside looking around. Some people in her class spotted something that looked like bone. They didn’t think much of it so they went and told other people in their class what they had seen. A few minutes later someone else in their class named Tyson went to go see if it was a bone. Then he picked it up and brought it over to display Mrs. Rice what it was that they had found. Thats how it all began. After he showcased her the class went over to where the bone was to see if they could find anymore bones. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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Early Childhood Observation – Chaos, disaster, everything ruined. This is the visual that I thought I would see when coming in a classroom packed with twenty kindergarten students. Sandy Creek elementary school violates that vision as the students can be seen walking reverently and hastily to get to the gym for their morning messages from the principal. With over 670 students, the gym was packed with chatter and excitement to hear what the announcements were for that day (Texas Education Agency Accountability, 2013). Sandy Creekelementary lies right on the boarder of the cities Cedar Park and Leander and is hidden behind the Running Brushy middle school. [tags: Childhood Observation Essays]
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Child Observation – The task of observing a child in a natural setting seemed relatively plain. As an unmarried uncle with slew of free time, I am frequently asked to observe and look after my twin ten year old niece and nephew. Most of the time I observe the children at my house or at my brother’s house, which for the most part is as natural a setting as can be found. The task of observing the children is diminished to just another pleasurable evening watching television, snacking on junk food and sitting around with the kids. [tags: Observation of a Child]
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Observation of a Photograph -. Indeed, the amount of data or information provided by a site may overwhelm a researcher (Creswell, 2013). Additionally, the researchers needs to select site, time, and determine the need for transitioning (Creswell, 2013). With regard to time, not only the timing but also the time required may be a concern, as observation “can be very time consuming and resource intensive” (US, n.d.). Furthermore, a subjective bias of the observer may challenge and/or undermine data reliability and validity (US, n.d.). [tags: researcher, details, setting]
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An Observation of My Friend – Sunday – the day of self-loathing for most college students who have squandered their weekends and fear the awaiting workload. Crammed into lounge booths, commiserating over brunch, students nurse sullen moods and hangovers with orange juice and french toast. Allen Wilcox is playing with his broccoli, head cocked, eyes crossed. Looking sidelong to make sure that people are watching, he picks up the half-bagel from his plate, thick with fluid cheese, stands up on his chair and touches it erotically all over the front of his pants. [tags: Profile Essays, Observation Essay]

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Child Observation: Case Examine of an Elementary Student with Aggressive Behavior – The student that I am observing for my case examine is a very imaginative student in our classroom. I believe this because I can say one word to this student and he can come up with a entire story just from that word. When he works one on one with a teacher, he is very cooperative and polite. I recently noticed that if a fellow classmate were fighting with a particular concept, he would attempt to give them hints towards the reaction. There are fairly a few patterns of behavior that have been interfering with this student’s school success. [tags: Student Observation Report]

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Observation of Preschool and Elementary Classrooms – People always say that children are the future, and they are right. That is what makes understanding how children develop so crucial. Understanding how children develop has many significant implications; it can help parents raise their children more efficiently, assist society in making informed decisions about policies regarding children’s welfare, and to help us to understand human nature (Siegler, DeLoache, & Eisenberg, 2011). An significant part of understanding how children develop is understand the ways in which they learn. [tags: Behavior Stages, Language Development]
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Social Observation on Human Interactions -. All of the groups of friends observed appeared to be in their early twenties. One boy absolutely comes from Asia; I figured because of his little assets with black hair and dark brown eyes. Moreover he spoke Hungarian fairly leisurely. The other boy wearing a crimson T-shirt looks very friendly and talkative. The female in a white T-shirt goes with black skirt looked so polite; maybe she had just finished her presentation. Both of them are Hungarian; and I guessed they are students from one of the university near here. [tags: Society, Gender, Behavior]

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Classroom Observation Report – For the purpose of anonymity I will refer to the teacher that I observed as Mr. Jones. He is a resource teacher at County High School. The class that I sat in was comprised of students in grade levels 9-11. Mr. Jones began the lesson checking in with the students eyeing how they were doing. (I believe getting a feel for the climate of the class is good way to commence.) Next, he discussed what they were going to be working on essentially providing an outline for the class period. Third, he checked to make sure the students had everything they needed in order to begin task discussed. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]

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Classroom Observation Report – Introduction My role in the ongoing TEMP Project (Teacher Education Model Programs) proved to be an practice like none other I have had in my years in education. My own training and practice has taken place in classrooms ranging from 7th grade to college undergraduate literacy courses. Observing an elementary math class ensured I would be a wide-eyed learner absorbing that fascinating environment. To be sure, I was a bit jumpy as I pondered the prospect of observing an elementary classroom, for I bow at the feet of elementary school teachers and their stamina and dedication to our children. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]
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Classroom Observation Report – The students that I observed in the classroom were of middle to high school. I went to see 8th, freshman, 10th. and seniors classes, they seemed excited and very nosey to why I was there. The middle school was more alive and rambunctious while I observed them. The High school kids were more relaxed, more comical. Some were paying attention while others seemed tuned out to the lecture or involved in socialization with friends within the class. By the end of the class Mr. Hasgil had restored the attention of everyone by using tactics such as history jeopardy with candy as the prize with the high school kids. [tags: Teacher Observation Report]

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Physician Observation Essay – My on-site practice with Dr. Ramono was remarkably brief, less than an hour and a half long, but in this brief time, I was able to observe and absorb a fine deal of information. This practice took place on the B1 level of the University Hospital in the Cancer Center. Even however I was incapable to shadow Dr. Ramono, an oncology surgeon, during his rounds, I was able to sit in on a multidisciplinary clinic that consisted of a diverse gathering of doctors, nurses, and social workers. After this meeting, which lasted approximately 50 minutes, he took my colleague and I into a free room in the Cancer Center to inform us of what was actually happening in the clinic and response any of our que. [tags: Physician Observation Essay]

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Classroom Observation Report – I observed an upper level biology class, in which the teacher is applying a combination of collaborative (team-based) learning, problem-solving approaches, discussions on “what-if” screenplays and student-teaching. Below you will find a general overview of the class, a crude analysis of reasons for various successes and problems, and eventually a more detailed analysis of things to address in this particular class. Overview The class atmosphere was congenial and the students were actively engaged in discussion. [tags: Teacher Observation Report 2014]

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Classroom Observation Report – This case was a fifth grade English/Language Arts class. The technology used via the lesson was a digital camera, internet search, and power point. The connectivity was a link to the World Broad Web. The social economical situation of the students were mixed poverty and lower middle class. The teacher has eighteen years of practice and she used technology consistently at home and in a classroom. She also worked in a computer related business. This particular class was an upper level reading class. [tags: internet, computers, teacher observation]

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The Southern Starlet Observation Wheel – The Southern Starlet Observation Wheel was destined to be Melbourne’s most significant public sculpture in over two decades. Coming off the Tullamarine Freeway and through City Link’s ellipsoidal sound tubes adjacent to the housing commission, the wheel provided the foreground to one of the city’s best angles and was an architectural statement to fresh visitors. The infamous 120-metre-tall wheel was touted as being a world-class tourism attraction, but now sits as a scar of failed enterprise and questionable engineering in the Melbourne landscape. [tags: City Planning]

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Participant Observation in Anthropology – Participant observation is a method of collecting information and data about a culture and is carried out by the researcher immersing themselves in the culture they observing. The researcher becomes known in the community, getting to know and understand the culture in a more intimate and detailed way than would be possible from any other treatment. This is done by observing and participating in the community’s daily activities. The method is so effective because the researcher is able to directly treatment the people in the community in a natural context as opposed to taking the participant out of their environment. [tags: Anthropology Essays]
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Child Observation and Assessment – The child I observed was a seven-year-old chick in Year Two who sat on the 2nd highest capability table in a mixed class. While not in school, she lived a substantial distance away meaning she travelled to and from school by car and was often the very first child to arrive in the morning and the last to leave in the afternoon. I will concentrate on the social and emotional development of this child who, from now onwards, will be referred to as C. I carried out two types of observation: these being narrative observation and time sampling. [tags: Child’s Social & Emotional Development]

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Analyzing Chilrdren: Child Observation – Children are some of the most interesting creatures on Earth. At any moment they may do something that makes you laugh. The next moment they may do something that makes you want to crawl under your seat in embarrassment. That’s what drew me to them. I’m around adults all day and all night since commencing college. I wished to sit and observe God’s most precious creation in activity. My mother-in-law’s home was the most evident choice for my observation. She keeps several children, including my sixteen month old son, in her home daycare business. [tags: Child Development]

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Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol – The growing numbers of English language learners (ELLs) in U.S. schools require specialized instruction in order to succeed academically and become skilled in English. Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, commonly known as SIOP, is one method of providing that instruction. SIOP is the product of several research studies conducted over the past fifteen years by two researchers, Dr. Jana Echevarria and Dr. Deborah J. Brief (Echevarria, Brief, & Powers, 2006) and is a method to help ESL and content teachers meet the needs of their linguistically diverse students. [tags: Language ]
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Science and Empirical Observation – Empirical observation is the assets of science. But what ties facts and figures together. It is one thing to postulate and investigate an inkling. It is fairly another to develop a scientific theory that harmoniously explains how all the evidence comes together. Ultimately, science must prove the theory nevertheless, even an inaccurate theory provides a scientific model to contrast fresh discovery. Computers only understand one and zero—yes and no. However, the human mind can also accommodate “maybe”. [tags: god, church, scientific theory]
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Observation of Youthful Infants During Day Care – Location: Sunny Days Day Care This day care center is a good base for examine in this field. Unlike most other day care centers, this center is Spanish speaking but is not special to infants of Spanish origin or background. The center is open to infants of all ethnic backgrounds and the purpose is to instruct a 2nd language at an early age when it is easiest to pick up. The Nurse to infant ratio is: Two:6 The children can attend inbetween the hours of 9.30 and Legal.00 Breakfast, lunch and tea provided along with fruit time Subjects Child A (of English background) Child B (of English Background) Child C (of Spanish Background) Child D (of Spanish Background) C. [tags: Child Observation Report]

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Observation and Analysis of a Cultural Scene – Clifford Geertz once said: “Cultural analysis is intrinsically incomplete. And, worse than that, the more deeply it goes the less finish it is.” I recently spent a brief amount of time at a busy 5-way traffic circle near my residence. While sitting in one spot for about 25 minutes, I observed many people doing many different things (mainly driving). Observing the various people made me think of what their particular cultures may have been, and from there, I began thinking of culture in and of itself. [tags: Ethnographic Observation Essay]
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