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Hey y’all. I know it has been forever since I last posted, but Strep mouth hit my house BIG time this week! Ouch. I swear that stuff is WAY worse as an adult. On top of that, my little boy had to have an MRI yesterday because his pedi has been worried about his very large head since he was 9 months old. He was sedated for the procedure, which panicked the mess out of me & my hubs, but all went well. especially when his pedi called to let us know everything was normal this afternoon. BLESSED! Our sweet little boy just has the big head family gene, thank the Lord.

Okay, now to the teacher stuff. We’ve had turkey fever this week in my classroom. One of my beloved activities is a joy project where my kiddos disguise a turkey. I send it home, but you could lightly do it in your classroom, too. I loved every minute of watching how proud my students were when they collective their turkeys. I think they turned out SO nice. Here are some pictures of our disguised turkeys.

Johnny Appleseed Turkey

Fresh York Yankees Turkey

Baby Turkey

Super Model Turkey

Adorable, huh. They just proceed to make me smile.

I found this activity a few years ago on an amazing website-Mrs.Nelson’s Class. She has the turkey printable I used , as well as a parent letter to send home to explain the project for FREE. That’s right, FREE. Thank you, Mrs. Nelson.

I also found this sweet Handy Turkey activity from Mrs. Nelson’s site that I plan to do next week. You can get the printable for FREE !! Just scroll down until you see it. Precious.

Since informational writing is our concentrate in writing right now, we also wrote interesting turkey facts in these “I Am Plunged with Facts About Turkeys” books!

I don’t have patterns for the book. I just free passed the feathers, folded a large lump of brown paper , cut strips of brown paper for the gams, and let the kids cut out & decorate their own turkey head! Super ordinary to prepare.

In math, we had joy making number combination turkeys. You can lightly differentiate this activity by providing your kiddos different numbers to use. Again, I do not have patterns for this. SORRY. I just used a die cut machine at my school for the circles , traced & cut out the feathers, made triangle beaks, and a little crimson construction paper wattle.

How do I wrap up a week learning all about turkeys on a SWEET note? With Turkey Cookies, of course.

To make these all you need are:
-chocolate chips (eyes)
-white icing (glue)
-sugar cookies(one cookie per child)
-candy corn (feathers)
– a petite lump of a crimson Twizzler (wattle)
-Nutter Butter cookies (head)

What’s even sweeter however is this “vase of flowers” one of my students brought me as we were leaving the playground this week. Melt my heart. I have the BEST job in the world.

Your turkeys in disguise are hilarious. I love 'em! Thanks for sharing.

ohmyword! ADORABLE. I the Georgia Power one! Ha.

Love the nutter butter turkey, and your turkeys in disguise are super nice. I truly like the Yankees one. You should take a look at my blog – my friend did the same project, and I had to post a duo of them because they were so funny!

Love your turkey activities. The turkeys in disguise are soooo lovely. Thanks for sharing them! I also love the nutter butter cookie turkeys!!

SO glad your son is okay. My son had a big head too but he grew into it. -) Adorable turkeys! I do that project too and it is one of my favorites!
Ultimately in Very first

How nice were those turkeys. I loved the baby one with the diaper lol Thanks for sharing 🙂

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