Join Editage Insights in celebrating the 10th International Open Access Week 2017

Open Access Week (also known as OA Week) is a global event organized annually by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) with the intention of making research more open and improve the visibility of scholarship. Every year, the event has a theme to create awareness and whirr about a certain aspect of open access. This year’s theme for OA Week 2017, “Open in order to…” “serves as a prompt to budge beyond talking about openness in itself and concentrate on what openness enables,” according to SPARC. Lasting from October 23-29, OA Week will see the participation of individuals, institutions, and organizations across the globe in the form of various events such as workshops, presentations, seminars, conferences, etc.

Editage Insights and Open Access Week 2017

As a supporter of Open Access Week, Editage Insights is participating in the event in various ways. Via the week, we will bring to you thought-provoking content based on the discussions. Apart from this, via regular updates, you will be able to be on top of the goings-on during OA Week.

Get the best of Open Access Week in your inbox

We would like you to be part of this event. So to receive the best of open access related discussions, sign up for our Open Access Week email updates (one every day from October 23-29) by clicking this link

We’ll curate the most significant stories from various channels involved in Open Access Week and supply them to your inbox. You will receive: 

  • Trending social media discussions on open access
  • Article on open access
  • Interview with an industry experienced
  • A quote from an pro
  • An off the hook and comprehensive report after Open Access Week

Editage Insights resources on the Open Access Week website

Access our open access related resources from the Resources section on the Open Access Week website.

Free webinar on open access

We are hosting a free webinar “Beyond open access: Titillating fresh strategies for science communication” in keeping with this year’s theme of making research more openly available and bringing visibility to your work. If you are someone who wishes to understand the benefits of science communication in maximizing research influence, this webinar is for you! Please go ahead and register yourself.

Join or go after the event 

Open Access Week is free and open to all. Here’s how you can join:

  • Click this link to sign up for the daily updates during Open Access Week 2017 (October 23 to 29).
  • Join our free webinar: Beyond open access: Titillating fresh strategies for science communication.
  • Go after the hashtags #EditageInsights, #OpenInOrderTo, and #OAWeek on Twitter.
  • Share Editage Insights open access resources on your social media pages. 
  • To know more about Open Access Week, visit their website here.

What are you waiting for? Join us in celebrating Open Access Week right away! 

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